Bellingham West Coast Swing

Welcome to the informal (and quick-loading) website of an informal group dedicated to practicing and promoting WCS dancing in the contemporary-style in the northern Puget Sound as a fun social dance for leaders and followers.

We have a WCS dance (and opportunity to practice) on Tuesdays from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The dances take place at the VFW hall, Post 1585, at 625 N State St in Bellingham. See directions . Parking is available at the two lots just north of the hall.
For our social dances we request a donation of 5 dollars (free to VFW members). All proceeds go to WCS expenses. Weekly information is sent out to our email list. Contact edohamiran at yahoo dot com to be added to this list.
If you are new to west coast swing and want basic instruction, ask one of the organizers.
On the first Tuesday of each month we usually have lessons for beginners at 6:10 p.m., before the dance. Please check with us if you have questions. Please arrive at 6:00 to let the instructors know your dance experience and to warm up.

Special Events in Our Area:

We will sometimes have workshops for dancers who already know the basics of WCS. These cover dynamical aspects of the dance (connection, movement, partnership skills), and some patterns (and how to execute them). Join our email list or our facebook group -- groups/bellinghamwcs -- to keep up to date.

On October 31, 2017, we will not have our usual WCS dance.
Bellingham Dance Company will have a dance that evening at the Majestic. This starts with a Tango lesson at 7, followed by music for a mix of dances, and continues with a WCS lesson at 9, followed by a mix with an emphasis on swing and blues. See B'ham Dance Co. where you can find directions and their faceBook group (the better location for current information).

This website was last updated on October 18th, 2017.

Regional Swing Dance Events:

SwingCouver is January 18 to 22 in 2018. Information at SwingCouver . We plan to have a table and you should contact edoh directly, rather than register on-line if you wish to join us at the table.

Sweetheart Jamboree is February 16 to 17 in 2018, in Bellevue. For information see SweetheartJamboree .

Rose City Swing is February 22 to 25 in 2018, in Portland. For information see Rose City Swing .

Seattle Easter Swing is March 29 to April 1 in 2018. Information at SES .

The Dance N Play event is June 14 to 17 for 2018, in Redmond, Oregon. Information at Dance N Play .

The NW Sweet Side of Swing is June 21 to 24 for 2018, near Vancouver, BC. Information at Sweet Side NW .

The Portland Dance Festival is July 12 to 15 for 2018. Information at PDF .

The Bridgetown Swing convention is September 27 to 30 for 2018, in Portland. Information at BTS .

Sea To Sky is November 9 to 12 for 2017, in Seatac. Information at S2S .

WCS and Dance Links

Links are to local dance information sites, local dance venues that include west coast swing, and some nearby venues for instruction.

A brief history of the group can be found in History .

This web site is owned and managed by Edoh Amiran. The information provided reflects my knowledge at the time of its writing (and some errors).